everyone is included

...Especially You

substance that satisfies

Has there ever been a human being who has not longed to be loved, accepted and valued? Are these not the deepest longings and desires knit into every fiber of who we are? They are always present and we long for a substance to satisfy them.

Why is this inherent, seemingly, lack within us and how does one have it satisfied?

Proverbs tells us that the way man believes, so is he. I pose to you that this lack is nothing more than an illusion formed by a lifetime of miss and dis-beliefs. This system of beliefs has been taught and reinforced by people who are misguided and feel this very same lack. They have hearts that are awesome and desire for people to be set free, but their premise is wrong and the whole system is bound to fall flat on its face. As it has for years. When someone is lacking, or think that they are, they tend to despise those who are not, or appear to not. The fact is there are a lot of miss and dis-beliefs that have become fundamental to the foundation and infrastructure of many peoples lives. Because of this the Gospel has become a shadow of a shadow left by other peoples subjective experience. An experience that exalts and reinforces lack. It delays and puts off the realities of God until tomorrow. It says “give us this gift”, “give us that promise” or something like “Jesus come to us”. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. If you don’t already have something, even if its coming in the next instant, it is deferred. Its the idea of being separated from God or that He is somehow holding out on us in some way.

But the reality of Jesus Christ, your reality, is that you have. There is no lack or delay or being held out on. Your Hope is within you, a present active reality. It is substance and effective, tangible, present and personal. It is the essence of everything He has accomplished and everything you have always and already had. He is the substance that satisfies.

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